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How to style braids| quick and easy styles.

Braiding your hair helps grow your hair faster, with braids you take a break from brushing and detangling meaning that there are lesser chances of hair loss and breakage. With braids, you don't have to worry about shampooing every single day, so there is low maintenance. On the other hand, wearing braids also requires a little touch of creativity, you have to know how to style your braids and have fun with them so you can look good and presentable.

Who would want to rock braids in one style every time? styling your braids can make you enjoy having them while some styles will help you get braids out of your face. When going out you chose a style that will go well with your outfit so it is vital to know how to style your braids. Rocking one style can be boring that is why other people unbraid them early because they don't have fun with them. The following style techniques will help you upgrade your style skills and give you new exquisite looks.

Headwrap/turban braids style. This style is an easy way to keep your braids out of your face and be stylish at the same time, you can match your outfit with your turban. There are many different ways of tying a turban, you can tie it however you want.

Bun/ High tie and swoop. This style is currently popular and there is no doubt that it will change your look completely, it is very stylish and neat. You simply pull a few braids to create a swoop and tie the rest up high into a bun or just leave them in a ponytail.

High/low and messy buns. Buns have always been a thing, they never go out of style. They start with a simple ponytail and you then twist your braids into a bun, you can go with a low or a high bun, messy, curly, or a braided on, it is up to you.

2 High buns. These are very cute buns where you split your hair in half and tie your braids into buns or you can just leave them hanging, you can pull a few braids to your face to complete your look.

High bun and low braids. This is a very fun braid style that features an up-high bun and the other half of braids left low or flat. You just split your braids in a horizontal half, tie the top in a bun and leave the rest at the back flat.

High ponytail. This style is also simple a fast, gather your hair upwards/ top of your head and tie.

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