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Why The Back Of Your Ears Smell Bad?

Have you ever rubbed or scratched behind your ears? After doing so, you then picked up a terrible noisome? Here’s why 

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Smell behind ears: 

Sebaceous glands are also found wherever there's skin. They secrete sebum (oil), a mix of wax and fats that can smell bad. The overlay of the ear, along with the folds and grooves behind it, makes it easy for all these substances and their smells to hide and build up.

How do I clean the back of my ears?

Wash behind the ears during every bath or shower. People with sensitive skin or eczema should use sensitive skin soap, which is available online. Wipe the area behind the ears with a warm, wet washcloth after intense physical activity. Keep ear piercings clean.

Why do the back of my ears smell even after washing?

So, neglecting to wash there thoroughly might be the cause of odor behind the ears. Sweat glands are found all over the body, including behind the ears. They secrete perspiration that begins to smell when it comes in contact with bacteria and oxygen. Sebaceous glands are also found wherever there's skin.

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