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Here's How You Can Apply Make-Up Easily At Home.

Many of ladies like to apply a make up but the problem they have no clue how and where they will start from. That is not a problem because here you are in a right place I will break down everything for you. We all know that we are beautiful without make up but nowadays you have to do it so you will fit in to the changing times, atleast that's what most of people think in the Morden society.

All you need:

1. Eye pencil

2. Concealer

3. Eyeshadow

4. Moisturizing cream

5. Foundation

6. Powder


You do don't need to apply too much make up if you're not comfortable with it. Many people they don't like make up but they like to look beautiful so you need to keep it simple as possible.

Eye pencil:

You need to make sure your pencil is sharp to draw a straight line to your eyebrows. Although you will use concealer to to clean your eyebrows. Make use use a concealer before you apply your eyeshadow so you will get results you want.


Concealer is good in cleaning after draeing your eyebrows, and you can apply it before you apply eyeshadow. It will make your eyeshadow to look good.


Please make sure you choose a colour that suit your colour of your skin because the purpose is to make you look good not to make people run away from you. Let me tell you Smokey eye always look good in everyone.


It's crucial to apply moisturizer cream in your face before applying your make up. It will make your make up not to sink in your face, but your face will be smooth. Make sure you apply it we don't want your face to be dry.


The first rule in using foundation is to choose the right colour who will match your skin colour. Don't apply too much make up than it necessary you have to look good. When you apply too much it's turn to be like red mud so becareful.


When it comes to applying powder you don't need to apply too much that is why you have to use appropriate brush. And if you want to avoid harsh lines you can use powder. For lipstick you can use any colour you like.

Make up is not that difficult to do all you need is to choose right shade in everything you use. Especially when you want to apply a simple make up. You have to slay girl so go for it.

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