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Skin Care

3 People Who Took Skin Bleaching Too Far


Skin bleaching or skin whitening is a fad that is surely here to stay. There are rumors that several well-known celebrities have lightened their skin by a few shades to look more gorgeous. These are the reasons to discourage anyone from bleaching their skin, even though some people are successful in their desire for pale skin.

1. Bleaching causes skin thinning

Stretch marks, bruising, and other skin issues are brought on by bleaching, which also thins the skin. Additionally, it makes it more challenging for wounds and abrasions to heal on the skin.

2. It makes skin vulnerable to UV rays

The skin is put at risk from the sun's harmful UV rays when it is bleached. The dermis, the inner layer of the skin that contains the capillaries, sweat glands, and hair follicles, is protected by the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. The epidermis is thinned by bleaching, protecting the dermis.

3. Mercury toxicity

Since certain bleaching lotions include mercury, bleaching the skin increases the risk of mercury poisoning. Long-term mercury exposure can penetrate the skin and harm vital organs like the kidneys and lungs.

4. It brings on cancer

Because of the hazardous chemicals they contain, which create free radical cells, which in turn cause cancer, it causes cancer.

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