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Foreign exchange

EXPOSED: Popular Forex Trader Roasted For Wearing Fake Gucci Items

A lot of people when they hear about forex traders drama they are used to scammers, yes, scammers but this time Gucci was the victim. Everyone has to respect other people's work, and owning counterfeits can lead to getting fined by companies or even jail.

The Fake Gucci Community outed a popular on Instagram forex trader whose name is "Stylishkeys" goes by IG handle "KING NAS100". Styliskeys was called reported for allegedly wearing counterfeit Gucci Rhython and Gucci pants, on their popular page, which has about a hundred thousand followers.

Forex trading is a fast-growing legal career for professionals with a financial background, however, since the onset of the lockdown period in SA. In the South African Forex space, if you don't show off luxurious designer clothing on your Instagram page seems like you are not a broker trader, luxurious clothing and expensive cars have become the culture in the forex industry.

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