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Imagine Meeting Your In-laws Looking Like This. This Makeup Is Horrendous

If you haven't heard, there's a subreddit called "Bad MakeUp Artists," and it's nothing short of ah-mazing! It's hard to believe that someone would apply a shade of foundation five shades darker than their skin tone or wear a lipstick the color of off-meat, and yet, here they are.

Now, it's possible that some of these looks may have been intended as jokes (or, at least, we hope so). But it's also evident that many of these makeup artists are immensely proud of their creations, which is worrying.

One of the moderators of Bad MakeUp Artists, known as Pinsandpearls, says that " bad makeup" most likely means very different things to different people. Hence, why there is such a wide variety of looks featured in the group.

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1. A Very Heavy Makeup Look

2. She Did Her So Dirty...

3. Foundation Match Isn’t Even Close, So...

4. If You All Thought The Last One Was Bad Have A Look At This One

5. A Lot To Unpack Here

"Typically, we're looking at makeup that isn't applied skillfully - lack of blending where appropriate, terrible foundation color match, messy lines," Pinsandpearls said. "I don't think it includes things that are maybe ' different' than you would normally see, as long as the actual application is good (editorial makeup, for example)."

6. Mexican Politician

7. Found This Today And... I’ve Never Seen A Foundation Match This Bad.

8. I Genuinely Think This Is The Worst Thing I’ve Seen On My Explore Page

9. She Went To The Worst Reviewed Mua In Her City

10. Remember: Even Celebs Ain't Safe From Bad MUAs

11. I Feel Violated. Posted In One Of Makeup Groups

12. ...yikes

13. She’s Like A Full 8 Shades Darker Than Her Arm

14. ???

15. The Foundation Match... Look At Her Hair Line!!!! The Brows Are Literal Caterpillars!

16. Just No!!!

17. It's Actually Just Me... The Goal Was A Purple/Yellow Look. I Tried A Disney Villain And I'm Just Ashamed

18. Felt Like You’d All Appreciate A Little Satire

Group member "badMUAscout," said, "Another thing I mentioned was the color choice. If you take a look, you can probably see a lot of makeup artists and normal people are mismatching their foundations to their skin's undertone."

19. Keep In Mind He Was On AShow For Makeup Artists

20. I Smell Like Beef

21. This Deserves Some Kind Of Medal

22. As A Mum I'd Be Raging Trying To Remove The Foundation From Her School Shirt!

23. The Difference In Skin Tone

24. Why This Though

25. Wedding Glam Apparently

26. Horrific Colour Match.

27. Yikes. You Would Think MUAs For Their Show Would Do Better

Another aspect of poor color choice often featured on the subreddit is contouring. "Contour is meant to mimic the 'shadows' you naturally have but very, very slightly enhanced," badMUAscout explained.

28. Such Distinct Lines Around The Eyes. Shouldn't There Be Some Blending, Or Something?

29. Buzzfeed's Geisha Makeup vs. Actual Geisha Makeup

30. This Look Is Giving Me Anxiety

31. There's A Lot To Unpack Here

32. Oh Girl, No

33. It Gets Worse The More You Look At It

34. I Found These Gems Randomly On IG, And You Guessed It, They’re British. Shade Difference, The Brows, I Could Go On

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