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[Opinion] This is the combo that best remove dark spots and stretch marks

Home made recipe to remove dark spots and stretch marks. If you have been struggling to find something to remove stretch marks and dark spots, this is one of the things you need to try.

The cause of stretch marks is due pregnancy, getting fat more from where you were with weight, medications and muscle growth as form of heavy lifting. The struggle to remove stretch marks need to be started from what you eat and what you use like lotion on your skin.

There is this combo that people recommend to use to remove stretch marks though measurements are not specified when mixing, but you will need to be careful with the methylated spirits.

Things you will need

Methylated spirits

Tissue oil


High quality body lotion


Caster oil

Aqueous cream or camphor

Use 500ml of container and mix all the ingredients, if you don't have aqueous cream and camphor it's fine. Pour in the empty 500ml container, fill the container to the amount you want to use in the future meaning use your own discretion but be careful when pouring methylated spirits.

Ingredients you can mix

Tissue oil, methylated spirits, glycerine and high quality body lotion.

Use these ingredients and apply to you body everytime when you have time for duration up to 3 months.

In one month you will see when you touch your stretch marks you will feel they are getting smooth and of they are thick and black results will show.

Close to 3 months they should be less visible. For dark spots it will be less than 2 months because they are not scars only pigmentation that is now black.

If you apply on the face, avoid mix with methylated spirit because you will develop blemishes.

None home made products

Use face soap, do not wash your face using body soap even if they say you can wash your face with them, do not. Use ones that are written face only not body and face.

Buy water products for face like of gentle magic or other products.

Use face products that matches with the condition of your skin. There's one thing years back Tyra Banks said, if your skin is oily, use things that says for oily skin then vice versa for the dry skin.

If your face cream is green, use face soap green in color meaning use one color not white cream washed with yellow soap. The coloring on the products will make confusion on your skin which cause pimples and blemishes also dark spots.

Stay away from make up and mercellar water, they are actually harsh to your skin which will be seen in the next 10 years.

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