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Skin Care

Creat your own skin care line, soaps, skin care, lotions., perfumes and many more

Create your own skin care line with Cosmetics studio. 

They will supply you with different chemicals and you can do the packaging and branding yourself. 

Just like what celebrities are doing. 

These days it's all about taking existing products and rebranding them. 

From Shoes to perfumes, wine etc. 

We don't see factories being opened but we see alot of people starting their own brands . Get in line. 

"Welcome to Cosmetic Studio

Your one stop cosmetic and skincare shop. We supply specialty chemicals in small pack sizes and can assist with any chemicals required for home use or to start up your own cosmetic or skincare range. Besides supplying chemicals in small pack sizes, we offer ready made kits and equipment."

"How to use the Website:

1.If you would like to make your own skincare/cosmetic products/range and you know exactly what raw material ingredients to purchase, then click on the Raw materials ingredients list


2. If you would like to make your own skincare/cosmetic products from scratch, but you do not know where to start, then click on the formulas page. This will guide you in basic formulas to make your own products from home


3.If you would like to purchase a ready made base where you simply add your own fragrance, then click on Raw materials list and select Bases under the product filter option or hover over the Raw materials tab at the top right of the page and select Bases.


4.If you would like to purchase ready made up “Do it yourself” Kits, then click on the DIY kits page. These are ready made kits which already contain the right amount of ingredients to make your own.


5.If you need assistance please give us a call or send us an email.

[email protected] "

Wake up Tomorrow and do something.

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