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In Shock| 2021 skin care trends you should never miss - thank me later

(opinion)In Shock| 2021 skin care trends you should never miss

A huge skincare trend has definitely been Glass skin: glowing, very dewy, seemingly perfect skin that resembles the shininess of glass.

This trend comes from South Korea but is immensely popular in Western beauty, too.

Skin that is properly hydrated and moisturized does have an inherent healthy glow, but the “glass skin” look takes it a bit further.

While skincare is a huge part of it (and there are plenty of products marketed to people who want glass skin) some extremely shiny complexions I have seen in photos seem to be the result of a combination of skincare, makeup and some editing.

So if you don’t get the same results you see around the internet with skincare only don’t worry about it!

Of course there is nothing inherently wrong in skincare trends. Every industry has trends, and it’s great that skincare lovers want to experiment and play.

What I think could be damaging is aiming for something that is realistically not obtainable.

Trends come and go. At some point the glass skin trend will lose its spark and will be replaced by something new -perhaps a more matte look.

To be clear, I am not saying people will no longer be interested in glowing skin. Plenty of popular skincare products such as vitamin C serums and chemical exfoliants are popular precisely because they brighten the skin…but these products don’t give you the extreme dewiness the glass skin trend requires.

Ultimately your skin is an organ and its health comes before anything related to beauty. Always make sure your skincare products are chosen in your skin’s best interest, no matter what skincare trend is all the rage at that moment.

And as always, don’t spend too much money on trendy skincare products that might not look like a good idea once the trend fades. If you have to spend some good money, invest it on timeless ingredients.

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