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SHEIN garments : SCAMS, prices, shipping, currencies, couriers.

Many South Africans are / were generally exposed to the Shein clothing compony through their advertisements in social media platforms such as Facebook. It is largely known to be super affordable while providing the best quality of clothes regardless of gender, size or sense of fashion.

There are no physical shein-owned stores in South Africa, however, it has large warehouses were most orders are then dispensed to other countries, cities and towns. The warehouses are in places such as Asia, America and the United Kingdom (UK), therefore, it is not a scam but a verified distribution entity.

Unlike other international online stores, shein uses the currency accordingly. That is, if the application was downloaded in Southern Africa, it would be in explicitly Rands or in China, it would be the renminbi. It charges an approximate amount of one hundred and fifty Rands (R150) for shipment depending on the amount spent.

The steps to be followed for shein orders would be :

1. Download the shein app and fill in all necessary details including two addresses, your home address and delivery address.

2. Browse through the app to choose any type of clothing. It has pretty realistic and predictable size ranges.

3. Add all choices to your cart and proceed to the "checkout" option.

4. As it is an international online purchase, you will have to enter your banking details, including the cvv (card verification value).

5. Immediately after placing your payment an order is placed.

6. You can digitally track your order and a shipping "predicted" date is placed. Generally, orders may take up to 4 weeks to arrive significantly depending on one's location.

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