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3 Most effective ways to impress a schoolgirl - Check this out

Try not to be afraid, with a little work of your own and knowing what things dazzle young ladies, it should all be possible. Even if you should be NEVER arrogant, because the young lady will imagine that you are really bossy and young ladies like men who are confident, but not bossy.

Be as impressive as possible

1: Maintain a strong sense of cleanliness and preparation.

It's difficult to be remarkable to anyone if you do not take care of your cleanliness first. Make sure your hair and beard are well prepared. Shower regularly, with body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Do not forget to brush your teeth, because young ladies despise bad breath. Trim your nails and keep them free of dirt. It is these niceties that young ladies especially notice.

2: Dress well.

The way you dress can cause you to stand out - either in a good way or a bad way. There is no such thing as the right style. Your clothes are a statement about yourself, so think carefully about what you want to say with your clothing choices. If you have to wear school uniform at your school, most schools host school discos where you can dress however you want!

Even though there is no correct style, there are rules you can follow. Dirty clothes, for example, give a certain impression and that is anything but decent, so keep your clothes washed and clean.

Also, try not to dress inappropriately for the event. What you wear to school should be different from what you wear to an extravagant dinner or music presentation.

Unless you are going for a specific look and know what you are doing, stick to clothes that fit well. Wide-legged pants and larger-than-average shirts are usually not very flattering.

3: Balance the areas of your life.

Contrary to sound judgment, people who are balanced stand out the most from others instead of focusing all their energy on one part of their life.

Try not to let your public activities affect your school life too much and vice versa. Balance your time outside of school between quality family time, focusing on your schedule, extracurricular time, and social time

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