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OPINION|| The ANC Gov Is Having Double Standards By Boycotting Miss Israel

As everyone probably knows by now, the ANC government withdraw their support current MissSA, Lalela Mswane, for going to contest for MissWorld due to the apartheid politics at Israel

I really hate how the rulling govt treats this beautiful daughter of Lalela MSWANE. Double standard activism need to be condemned. 

We believe there are people who want to use her beauty as a weapon to fight good battles by using the wrong platforms. We had an influential charismatic religious extremist that use to occupy the most significant office that should be entrusted with people who are Conscious enough to wave the flag of Constitutional Democratic values without biasness. 

The former CJ Mogoeng use to be vocally in support with Israel and their Apartheid stance against the Palestinian people, no one from the govt condemned Mogoeng Mogoeng's Actions, even though his former position that he held does not allow him to be in support with the resuscitation of the same precedence that was set by the Evil apartheid regime. 

Furthermore SA still has trade relation with Israel, but no one boycott the products that are exported by the Israelites. No this daughter should not be gate kept from pursuing her dreams just because of Double Standard activism that is reflected by the leadership. 

The govt want to boycott the bright future of this prospective Miss Universe. Mswane should make us proud and go wave the flag of South African beauty at Israel.

Ironically, the ANC which is our government, will never boycott Israeli products nor will they condemn China for jailing thousands of Muslims nor will the Anc activists ever condemn Saudis for taking womans rights.




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