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Shudu is trending today, see what people are saying about her



South Africans were celebrating early this week after the good news that the former Miss South Africa Shudu from Limpopo will be representing the country in the Miss Universe, which is hosted every year where all the winners of beauty reagent from different countries come to compete for the number 1 spot.

Two South Africans have won this title before and they are hoping for a third title for Shudu as they continue to represent the country on the world stage, which has caused serious fun to all South Africans who were celebrating the success of this woman who keeps winning this title.

South Africans didn't take long but to react on social media to congratulate her about this good news.

They are happy to see around a girl that comes from the village of Limpopo to compete with the best in the world.

An achievement like this unites the people of this country because they come together to celebrate the success of their children.

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