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Meet the "don Papa" of fashion, Check out his outfits you cannot afford to miss

Style is one of the most extraordinary and controversial topics in our societies.

Pioneers of a certain trend are often viewed as outcasts at first as people will not be familiar with the idea trying to be introduced.

However, some may call the innovator a genius for coming up with an idea that was not on the market.

Ghanaian Fashionista, Richard Brown aka Osebo the Zaraman is now trending on social media for his unique taste of fashion.

Instagram and facebook fashion lovers are touting him as the best dressed male on the African continent.

Most of the outfits he adorns are seen by some as if they lean towards the feminine taste of male outfits.

He often shares pictures wearing some cute skirts and dresses.

Osebo the Zaraman is not shy of his dark African looks. Unlike most men who have such taste of fashion, they try to put on filters to adjust their complexion. Many are falling in love with Osebo as he presents a true reflection of an African.

One user on facebook had this to say about him, "creative genius, i bet if he was a fairer colour and in one of the cosmopolitan cities somewhere abroad he would be trending or featuring in some fashion magazine"

At times, the skirts are mixed with trousers which will be placed on the inside.

His instagram followers now refer to him as the "don Papa" of fashion as he is seen as someone who has too much sauce.

He always claims to be in love with the local fabric as it makes him more confident.

You cannot deny that Osebo the Zaraman is a true definition of boldness overloaded.

He is someone who is full of confidence and expresses how he feels in his dressing.

Some now label him the best dressed man on the continent as he's showing off outfits from another planet.

He however has not been spared from criticism as some vile comments are often posted on his page.

At one time, one respondent to his post claimed that he is possessed by a spirit of a woman and he needs deliverance.

Others say that he does not know what he is doing and something somewhere went wrong in spiritual realms.

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Ghanaian Fashionista Osebo Osebo the Zaraman Richard Brown


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