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Fashion or madness?- Look at crazy pictures of people wearing different creative outfits

Sometimes being creative is not an art but the talent that comes within your mind.

And how you wear would determine how people look onto you when you are passing them. We have different fashion across the country and different people who can design different things.

Let's have a look at pictures Below:

We have so much pictures to provide but due to time, we would like to stop here.

There are some people who really don't care about what will people probably say about their outfits. " Is it too much, do i look ugly, am i really out of my mind," such questions these people would never ask themselves because they know what they were doing before putting on these outfits.

In South Africa, the style of wearing plastics as dresses because very popular in 2018 where it was trending all over social media but this was ladies behind everything for sure.

Then the outfit of green leafs is mostly common done by Nigerians ladies while they are performing their dances, traditional dances and ceremonies for their culture or having a traditional wedding.

The jeans with holes is commonly popular in Africa, everyone loves this style but it is somehow too much for some people. Some will tell you that you wasted your money for buying something that has already been ruined.

According to wired," On the beaches of Miami or Rio, it's all about showing skin. But on a beach outside Qingdao, China, it’s all about covering up, even if it means looking like a lucha libre star. Swimmers there have become famous, even fashionable, for the funky “facekinis” worn over their heads to complement the colorful swimsuits they wear for protection against the sun and giant jellyfish."


Some people are really living their lives without even checking other people's views which is right.


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