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On Today's Episode Of What I Ordered VS What I Got: Ugly Hairstyle But Flawless Execution

Photos: Instagram

The forever evolving world of beauty births new trends every day and it's almost impossible to keep up with all the hairstyles that have come and gone throughout time. The arrival of Instagram, YouTube tutorials, editorials and runways, bring with the endless sources of inspiration. Tastes and styles have changed but the braiding pattern has remained the same. In today's world, braids are adorned in many different ways, from clean lines to organic and messy lines. However some hairstyles are not suitable for everyday life. 

Some hairstyles are purely for a photo shoot, and some people don't know the difference. In today's "what I ordered versus what I got", the hairstyle is clearly an editorial photo shoot hairstyle, but the stylist did a good job rendering the service. The problem is, how is the lady going to wash her face, moisturize the braids without the hair product getting on her face. How long can she sweat into the forehead braids before they start smelling nasty. Isint she afraid of acne and will she still have any hairline left after she takes off the braids?

What she Ordered

Photo: Instagram

What she Got

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

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