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A customer head started itching after he got a haircut at a foreign national salon and this happened

A customer (pictured above) warns members of the public to be beware of bogus products after he ended up at the hospital on Sunday, his head started itching after he got a haircut at a foreign national salon in Mankweng next to Zone 1 complex (Limpopo Province).

According to the News report, the customer went to get his head dyed and treamed with a razor blade machine at a salon operated by a foreign national man In Mankweng next Zone 1 complex (Limpopo Province), after getting the trim and dye he went home, later that day his head became so itchy to a point he had to cut his hair bald.

The following day he decided to go to the salon to enquire about the products they used on him the previous day, he was met with heavy resistance and he was chased away from the salon.

The customer's itching continued to become worse as days went by to a point he had to be taken to the hospital on Sunday, 14 August 2022 to receive medical treatment after his face had swelled up.

The customer believes products used on him were bogus because this had never happened to him before.

Members of the public should be aware of products from no name brands and homemade products because they are not tested to ensure that they are safe, always use products from reputable brands so that should any negative incident happen from using the product, the company may be held accountable.

Do not allow a hairstylist to use products you are unfamiliar with on your head, rather go buy your own products that your comfortable with and bring them to the salon.


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