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Skin Care

How to avoid getting dark spots on your face practicing these three easy steps before bed


There are many ways to avoid getting dark spots on your face without using expensive products that might damage your skin in the long run. Firstly you need to understand that taking care of creams comes with cleanliness. A person who develops pimples should not squeeze them before getting ripe.

Having pimples can be hard since you never know what will happen to your face the following day. It is hard to predict what is good for your skin and what is bad. Best remedy you should keep in mind is aloe vera. Although the routine takes time to remove spots. Applying the herb daily for two weeks will surely give you confidence that your face is coming back to normal.

This applies a lot to people who have skin condition such as acne. To avoid getting breakouts on a daily basis apply aloe vera on your face after washing your face. After that use potato at least twice a week to eat out the dirt from your face. What aloe vera does is to eat away the bacteria that keeps on causing pimples.

Trust me within few weeks to a month pimples will be a thing of the past. Except for you who is struggling with acne. You will need to visit a doctor for treatment.

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