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Heritage Month: Stunning Zulu Attires To Wear On Heritage Day

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Unlike other months in a year, September is the most important month in South Africa. The month is extremely important to the South African communities as it takes people of different cultures and traditions back to their roots. Heritage is an important aspect of life that everyone should embrace and celebrate.

As all of us will be going out to spend time with our families, elders, and tradition experts, it is very important to wear a traditional outfit as we embrace our heritage. There are numerous matters and ways in which one can dress for a heritage day. 

Everyone knows their traditions and their respective attires, however, with numerous options of styles to choose from, others end up deciding not to be part of heritage celebrations. To reduce the options and make it easy for you to choose what to wear easily, let's focus on the most stunning outfits to try.

The Zulu tribe is well known for its population, language, colourful attires, and also as the warriors, making them unique and outstanding. Most of their attires are used by both genders, however, some attires are only meant for a particular gender and also for a particular person, depending on his/her social class.

In this culture, different attire marks a different stage in the lives of both genders, signifying their different milestones. The varieties also include attires for traditional ceremonies and modern westernized clothing for everyone.

For women, some outfits tell whether they are engaged or single, and also ones that tell that they are pregnant. Men also have attires that also tells a story, like attires which describe if a man is married.

These are some of the stunning outfits which you can celebrate this year's Heritage Day wearing.

Due To Language Barrier And Little Knowledge Of The Culture, It Had To Be Outfits Without Their Respective Names.

However, These Are Some Of The Outfits Names To Know.

Isidwaba ( skirt )



Isicholo ( Hat )

Umghele ( Headband )

Tulle Skirt





The Shaka Zulu Attire


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