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35 sleek ponytail style that would make you look beautiful

Hi loves, so fundamentally I was riding the web as normal and afterward I began to see perfect smooth ponytails,as in these aren't simply smooth, They are sleeker than sleeker, they are faultlessly SLEEK!!! 

So I chose to impart them to you all since you realize that I wouldn't leave you hanging . 

My tips for you to get that immaculately smooth pig tail look 

A). Your hair ought to be well detangled, so no bunches or weby association in your hair (...which is normal with regular hair...). 

B). Apply a smidgen of water (...i don't mean you ought to proceed to pour water on your hair and be appearing as though somebody that just took a dip, totally not...). 

C). You need to utilize a decent gel. (...i can't suggest any, yet look at my YouTube channel : Gracie Wandyte... Much obliged to you). 

D). Apply the gel in segments, don't simply slap gel all around your head and figure it would work like that. 

E). Subsequent to applying the gel, tie a scarf and sit tight for a couple of moments, so the hair can set impeccably.

That is the way to accomplish the sleeker braid Ever. 

So presently these are the flawless styles you can attempt:

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