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Boil pineapple skin for these amazing benefits

Aaah yes! Pineapples, sweet and fruity, said to taste like a marriage of citrus and apples, a true delight!

Serious mode, activated... Pineapple, Ananas comosus is an herbaceous biennial or perennial plant in the family Bromeliaceae grown for its edible fruit. Surely we all know and have eaten this fruit before. And chances are that each time we've eaten this fruit we've obviously thrown away the pricky skin (the tough rind made up of hexagonal units).

These amazing benefits of pineapple rind will make you wish you knew them earlier!

1. Anti-inflammatory

Pineapple skin has bromelain, a very powerful enzyme. This particular enzyme has an anti-inflammatory nature and hence reduces swelling that may occur due to an injury or post surgery. It also reduces inflammation and swelling of the nasal passage and throat.

2. Has potential to help with inflammation-related diseases

Several studies suggest that bromelain has the potential to help with several inflammation-related diseases such as asthma, colitis, chronic sinusitis, osteoarthritis and even cancer.

3. Immune boosting

These peels are a decent source of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is a well known immunity booster, and helps fight against cold and flu symptoms.

Vitamin C aids with digestion issues and fighting intestinal parasites.

3. Dental/oral health

The manganese present in the pineapple peels promotes the health of our gums and teeth. It also helps repair and strengthen them.

In addition it also helps fight bacteria, which could reduce chances of teeth decay.

4. It alleviates cough and catarrh

The anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple skin help fight cough and catarrh. It calms inflammation in your airways and reduces mucus that blocks the airways.

5. Digestion and constipation

The peels can fight intestinal parasites and helps with constipation.

The high levels of bromelain enzyme aid in the breakdown of protein foods and imprroves overall digestion. It furthermore relieves bloating.

6. Skin

With high levels of amino acids Vitamin C, it gives your skin a healthy glow.

7. Improves sleep

Magnesium in the pineapple helps regulate blood pressure, nerve and muscle function making you feel more relaxed.

Now that you've taken a trip down the amazing road of the benefits of pineapple rind, don't you wish you knew about all this earlier? I wish I did!

Hold on, I still got you, by now you're probably wondering how to consume the peels. I mean, you obviously can't chew through them.

Pineapple peel drink


• 1 pineapple

• 250-500 ml of clean water

• honey (optional)


1. Wash the pineapple. Separate the pulp from the skin

2. Pour water into a pot and toss the peels in there. Allow to boil

3. Let it simmer and cool

4. That's it! You may add honey if you wish to...

Content created and supplied by: Priiya (via Opera News )

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