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Lady Irons A Cloth On Her Body Because She Was Late For Work, Check Out What Happened To Her

There are certain incidents that seem to shock people who get to hear about them. Today, I'll be sharing one of such strange incident with you. A lady took to social media and revealed what she did in the morning before she went to work.

Jane who calls herself "the iron lady", took to Twitter to reveal what she did because of ironing her cloth. One should know that it is best to iron a cloth on an ironing board before it would be worn on the body but sadly, Jane was in a hurry to leave the house.

Here is a screenshot of her post below;However, in order to meet up with her appointment, she decided to iron her rough cloth while it was on her body. Putting a very hot iron on your body can have some serious consequences on the skin.

So, as Jane ironed the shirt on her body, she unexpectedly burnt herself along her back. It might seem as though, Jane didn't protect herself from the heat of the Iron.

See Pictures below;

As she did so, her post attracted the attention of many people who reacted to her post.

Here are screenshots of reactions from people below;

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Jane Lady Irons


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