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Summer fashion ideas from a lady

Summer is here and most women got confused at the weather as it has been raining heavily for the past few weeks. The rest of December, January and February will be filled with hot days.

Winter fashion is simple because you can wear the same item for a long time without people noticing but summer is different. First of all, because of the excessive heat you'll sweat and therefore cannot repeat the outfit. Another thing is that, summer clothes are light and mostly colourful meaning that they get stained easily and people notice them . If you wear a black coat in winter you can wear it on several occasions and it's accaptable but if you wear a pink dress in summer for two days in a row then it looks like you don't care about your personal hygiene, your health, the way society percieves you and you are a woman who lacks general decency.

1. Crop top and tights.

Ensure that this outfit is a matching colour, the crop top can be substituted with a t-shirt for a chilled look. 2. Mini dress

For those extra hot summer days 3. Shorts and a shirt

This outfit is perfect for errands, shopping and picnics. Also you can wear it at a demin and white themes event.

4. Mini dress

For uniqueness, shop for a mini dress with a different design of added accessory like a belt. 5. Mini dress.

For those summer days again. You can never go on, this look is perfect with sneakers, sandals and heels too. Just wear it according to your mood. 6. Traditional dress

For those traditional weddings or events where you want to pop. Of course you're free to wear this whenever you like but the outfit will stand out more and be appreciated at certain events.7. Maxi dress

Comfortable and cool. Make sure it's made out of a breathable fabric. Can be worn anywhere. 8. Denim and denim

This is one fashion trend that never goes out of fashion. You can wear it on a hot or rainy day. It's season fluid.9. Corset top and jeans.

Corset tops are here to stay.

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