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Reduce Pimples and Dark Marks With Lemon | Four Best Ways

(Picture source: Medical News Today, Online)

I have suffered from pimples and dark marks for the longest of time and I tried out every face product in shelves you can think of. I would literally sit next to someone in a taxi and they would just start telling me to try a certain product and of course I would but it never helped. Until I found out that lemon can and does reduce pimples and dark marks. Depending on how your genes are, fresh lemon can literally remove all your pimples and dark spots.

In this article I reveal to you how best can you use lemon to your skin care benefit. I recommend four ways on how to use fresh lemon to solve your acne and dark marks.

In addition I just want to side note that the above picture shows lime. I personally have never tried using lime, I always use lemon so I am not sure if lime can also help as much.

How to Use Lemon for Clear Skin Results?

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1. Steam with lemon - steaming your face can be one of the most important skin routines so adding lemon to it will be a very rewarding routine. When you steam your face, your pores open so when you have added lemon in the water that you use to steam the lemon gets a chance to penetrate your face and get rid of the impurities.

For this you need one lemon. Slice the lemon and add it to the hot water. Measure your water to be about 1litre and steam.

(Picture source: BBC Good Food)

You probably heard about some of the amazing things tumeric can do. For this second tip that I recommend you also need to add tumeric.

2. Use a scrub - you can make your own scrub at home with lemon, tumeric and sugar. What you need to do is to extract the lemon juice from your lemon, mix it with half a spoon of tumeric and half a spoon of sugar, this also depends on the amount of lemon juice you managed to extract. Mix your ingredients together and exfoliate your skin with it, gently rubbing it in circular motion. I personally prefer doing this after steaming because then my pores are open and the products can penetrate my skin.

(Picture source: Bare Skin Naturals)

3. Mask your face with lemon - use fresh lemon to mask your face. This you can do even without steaming your face. Cut a slice of lemon and rub it around your face. If the slice is used up before you could cover your whole face, cut another slice and gently rub it around your face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes then wash your face. You will feel the smoothness of your face and the improvement will start showing with time.

(Picture source: BBC Good Food)

4. Add lemon to your water - add lemon to the water you drink. I'm sure you've also heard about how lemon water can help with this and that and I also believe that it helped clear my pimples hence I recommend it for someone who has pimples.

In closure I want to let known that too much of everything is not good so do not over do these steps except for drinking lemon water. Don't steam your face every day or mask or exfoliate every day. I recommend that you do each of it once a week so steam and exfoliate once a week and also mask once a week.

I hope this helps.

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