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What’s Wrong With Braamfontein Kids? This Is What Was Spotted

What’s Wrong With Braamfontein Kids?

Ordinary members of the public are concerned about what they are seeing on this image from the face value it looks like grow up, but as it turns out it is just kids who are just busy experimenting with looks and it is believed that they consider this thing fashion.

They go around dressing up in vintage clothing this is the same clothing which was worn by our elders, the upper apartheid people, white people who have since taken the clothes and given out to shelter and the clothes have been recycled and ended up in the thrift shops of Braamfontein and the central business district of Johannesburg.

The cheap prices of these clothing items initially made them very valuable to these individuals and they are still valuable to everyone however due to the demand and they’re coming in to fashion and popularity, the prices of these items have since increased to such an extent where many people will have end up having to pay a premium in order to get these clothes and that is how the market goes.

Now Braamfontein young adults have taken this thing to the extreme no one they clothing from top to bottom this is also from the influence of the shows like the fresh parents of Bel Air we just do airing on Comedy Central on DSTV, they’re influencing these children to seek out vintage clothing and to wear it because it seems to be in style - now whether or not it is in style is subjective but from the looks of things those children look like our grand parents.

This is something that is normal in South Africa and everyone goes through it at one point or another, other members of the public should just be allowed to live out their lives in a meaningful way.

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