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PIC| Men are tired of seeing women Wearing weaves, they're entering the game by putting fake Beard.

Beard, man weaves, Man face wigs. Whatever you want to call them, some men will do whatever it takes to have a beard. Beard is in style lately, we see men growing their beard unfortunately not all of them can grow a proper beard, just like women some grow nice thick natural hair some don't, it applies to guys too. Men Who have trouble growing facial hair turn to fake beards.

Man face wigs have been here for ages it's not a modern thing, they have been here since the 19 century. we also see them being used in old movies, where a guy has a character that needs him to have a beard, if he can't grow it they use a fake beard. There's a rumour that the rapper Drake's lush beard is fake though it looks proper, you can't tell whether it is fake or not. If Drake can put on beard weave I don't see why others are judged to have it too.

A guy posted a picture on social media asking guys what are they waiting for, they must put on a fake beard instead of wasting to much time growing their own beard and it will also come in hand for those who don't have strong natural hair. "What's stopping you from getting this?" he wrote.

His followers quickly jumped to the comment section and they replied @Tshabalala2864 "That's the ish Drake got on his face"

@Pierregunner "How do you wash your face though?"

@Ayandahst "I ain't going to put a weave on my face bro."

By reading the comments some guys are against the fake beard thing, what do you guys think about beard weaves? do leave your views in the comment section, please like, share with friends, and don't forget to hit the follow button for me.


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