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Dress Style


Check out breathtaking pictures of the Fashionista Manyaku Mashilo showing off her remarkable style.

Fashion is the ability to spot what looks good on you and keep your style vibrant for as long as it makes you feel good and comfortable. On a larger scale, Fashion is important because it represents our history and helps to tell story of the world. Fashion is there to keep that honor and also provide a bit of expression of someone who chooses to do so. How can we express ourselves without fashion? This is the powerful expression that we have and we must use it to the fullest. As a woman, there are many designs of clothes and today we are focusing on stylish dresses that you can be able to check out.

Manyaku Mashilo is a Fashion designer, Outstanding contribution to fashion award winner and a Philanthropist. She is pleasant notable for being the fashion designer of Dr Winnie Mashaba and many more celebrities. She was born in Limpopo and she is a self taught multidisciplinary artist who creates mixed media, paper-based drawings and works. She is intelligent and objective female who places high value on her personal well_being. She is competent and productiveand she is putting to excellent use in her current project.

She is multi-gifted individual who creates new designs that may use a variety of materials and specify the measurement of those designs. During the process, they decide on colors, stylesand accessories to put the design plan together. She is a woman that is determined to reach stars. To me, it is stated that the most stylish designs is the secret of any stylish collection. She is sensational and her stunning fashion speaks volume about her.

You can discover her on social media should you wish to get a design from her. She is doing stupendous canvases and many people admire her for doing excellent work. One thing aboutfashion is tbat it could never be a copy and paste situation, it's either you are born with or you don't have it. Kindly share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like the article and don't forget to click share button.

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Limpopo Manyaku Mashilo Winnie


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