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I wanted this, and this is what I got (girl cries on the social media)

There are many opportunist all over the world, these people want to bring food and money on their table and that is okay but sometimes there are disadvantages because they tend to do stuff they not sure about the outcomes of it, then you will have to pay for it if you choose them or prefer your stuff to be done unprofessionaly so. There is a girl that is recently trending on social media after she posted a picture of herself after the hairstylist has done her hair.

According to her, this picture is what she was aiming for, on the outcome of it:

Then this is what she got :

As you can see these are the two different hairstyles, but just because she was the one who went to the hairstylist she could afford this is what she got. It is sad but it's her fault she paid her, R350 is a lot for this.

Has this ever happened to you? Comment below

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