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"Ugliest outfit I have ever seen", video of a man modeling this outfit causes stir online

Fashion has quite evolved over time, in the past people used to like baggy pants and that evolved to bootleg pant and now most people prefer skinny pants. But then one this for sure is that in the 21st century, we have seen the biggest changes in fashion.

The 21st century has brought some of the most epic designs when it comes to clothing, but that's not always the case as a video that has resurfaced on the net has left tongues wagging. The video has left people with a question that say "how far will designers go when it comes to fashion?".

In the clip shared online by Hotspotnews a model is seen walking awkwardly as he is wearing very strange shoes which were made by 26-year-old Dutch designer Dirk Vaessen.

Watch the video here

When the designer was asked why he decided to make these he did mention that the shoes were made for his alter-ego. He sees himself as "Brave Hendrik", a person who lives in the 2070s.

The name "Brave Hendrik" in Dutch means a person who sticks to the rules and never goes out of line, but when the name is translated to English it simply means courage and heroism.

The footage was originally captured at the London College of Fashion master of arts graduate show, which took place earlier this year.

Here's what people had to say about this very unique design.

Facebook user Lydia Hanger said "this not meant to be worn by people, it's just about discovering how things can look like on a living human body. It think it would be much easier and more comfortable for everyone to discover such ideas digitally".

Anna Hughey said that this was the ugliest outfit she has ever seen.

Many people clearly had their own opinions about this and please tell us what you think in the comments section. Would you buy this outfit?.

Source: Hotspotnews

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