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Makeup Skills

It's amazing what you can do with makeup: check out this fun and unique art.

People use makeup everyday weather to boost self-esteem or to use it as art.

Well, I believe that makeup is art imagine they are makeup artists m that can ma Make a person look like a celebrity while they are those that can make you look like art.

People wear makeup for different reasons unfortunately some don't have a choice because they have permanent scars on their faces that can make them feel uncomfortable especially around people that are not used to.

We always see how makeup artists can make a person look like they were in an accident they make it look so good to a point that you might be scared to look thinking it's real, and I think that is talent.

Just like in fashion we have bazaar fashion outfits on the runway I have share makeup transformations that will make you look twice and see how anything is possible with makeup.

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