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Top 10 Tips To Grow A Long Beard And Moustache

“How can I get my beard to look like yours?” That is one of the questions we get asked the most. Just have a look at the recent post “How Long” by my buddy Adam Barraclough. Whether we’re at a trade show, beard competition, or just out having dinner, people want to know how to grow a long beard and moustache.

While this article is primarily meant for people who want to grow a long beard and moustache, many of these tips are great for anyone growing facial hair.

I've been growing my own beard for just over four years and have learned a lot along the way, but I'm always on the lookout for new tips and tricks. I recently read an interview with a proclaimed “beard expert” who stated that one factor necessary to grow a long beard and moustache was to trim your beard and moustache every week. I thought that was bad advice so I decided to pass along a little of my own. You don't have control over your genetics, but you can influence nearly every other aspect of growing out your beard and moustache.

7. Don’t trim your beard

I thought this was obvious, but apparently not everyone agrees with me. Provided your employment and relationship allow, ideally you shouldn’t trim anything, neck and cheek lines included. You can always trim later; your first objective should be to grow out as much as possible to build a strong beard base and to see what you are working with at your fullest natural growth.

6. Don’t trim your moustache, train your moustache

Trimming the moustache is a mistake a lot of guys make initially, myself included. It’s easy to assume that maybe it’s okay to trim up the center and then just leave the ends of the moustache long to style a pseudo-handlebar, and if that works for you, great. But if you want to grow a true long moustache, get some moustache wax and start training it early to keep it out of your mouth. Again, it’s about seeing your fullest growth and building a foundation for a long full moustache.

5. Start using beard oil and Beard Dry Oil early

Beard product usage isn’t dictated by length, it’s dictated by the presence of facial hair. Start taking care of yours early and you’ll thank yourself later on. A properly conditioned and cared for beard is the only way to reach your fullest growth potential.

4. Develop your own total care regimen early

Figure out a routine that works for you and stick to it, every day. Personally, I wash my beard every morning, apply beard oil (usually Wisdom) after the shower, and Beard Dry Oil (also Wisdom) at night. Both applications are accompanied by a thorough brushing. Your own routine may be different, but pick one and make it yours.

3. Brush and/or comb your beard every day

Many men will notice as their beards grow out that they have weird bends or curves in the hair pattern and a daily brushing combined with use of Beard Dry Oil will help train the hairs to lie the way you want, ensuring an even beard that requires no trimming. Many also notice that as their beard gains length and weight, these curves settle down.

Be aware of your surroundings

The longer your beard and moustache get, the more likely they are to get caught in the zipper of a coat, burnt by an errant cigarette, or dipped in soup when you lean too far forward while eating. Take care to notice the little changes as your facial hair gets longer.

Judge your beard on its own merit, not by that of beards around you

Facial hair grows at different rates and in different patterns. Just because yours isn’t growing as fast as a friend’s doesn’t mean it won’t catch up, or perhaps be better one day.

2. Be patient

See above. Facial hair grows at an average rate of only half an inch per month, and nearly everyone experiences a time where it seems like their beard and moustache aren’t growing. It happens, just be ready for it. By the same token, there will be times where it seems to grow two inches in a month. Celebrate those times, but don’t despair in the others.

Figure out the best way to eat with your beard and moustache

For more helpful info, check out another recent post, Top 5 Tips For Eating With A Moustache. Careless eating can see multiple hairs pulled out, and many foreign substances that come into contact with your beard (food included) can dry it out and damage the hairs.

1. Track your progress

Whether you measure, or simply take a selfie every month (do it in the same shirt every time for the best results) to chart your progress, keep up with how your beard is doing. Over time, you’ll start to learn growth patterns and even see if particular seasons have a positive or negative effect on your beard. This knowledge will help you worry less during those times where it seems it’s not growing.

Growing a long beard and moustache isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and no marathon winner became a winner overnight. Put the time in and take care of your beard and you’ll grow the best beard you can.

Content created and supplied by: Alberto010 (via Opera News )

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