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Mzansi Not Impressed With The Price Of Makhadzi's Sneakers (see this)

Looking back in the mid-November this, There was that point wereby Makhadzi started trending after she signed a deal to work over R120 million to open her brand and produce different types of clothing and goods do you still remember that, well the first product by the Makhadzi brand (Kokovha) has been launched yesterday and by the looks of things people are not happy with her now.

Refer to the pic attached below to see the looks of the Kokovha kicks she has recently launched,

So now look at the prices of this kicks.

Most important, Take a look at the reactions people had towards the prices of this kicks in the screenshots attached below.

Looking at all these reactions, a lot of people seem unimpressed with the looks of these kicks and some of them even went as far as calling them ugly. Well looking at this people's reactions calling the shoes expensive and overpriced, what is it that you have to say?

Do you think people are fair on saying these kicks should not cost more than R1000, Bear in mind that the very same people complaining about these prices are the very same ones who see nothing wrong in spending more than 20 thousands on the likes of Gucci speakers, Balenciaga and other foreign high-priced brands. And now besides that people are paying the same R1000, buying other local sneakers such as Drip, And that of Casper nyovest.

So now, what's your take on people complaining about the Makhadzi's sneakers prices? Do you think they are right, the sneakers are not worth the money they are being sold for or not? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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Kokovha Makhadzi Mzansi


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