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Agang Masuge gives tips on how to be a lady.

(24) years old Agang Masuge is born and bred in Tlokweng. He is well know around his area for his extravagant makeup look and sense of style.

Agang Masuge's selfie.

Bellow are the tips on how to be a lady.

1. Take care of your skin.

One thing people will always look at when you go past is your face. Take good care of your skin and it shall return the favor. Always keep your skin moisturized. I use glycerine on my face and skin twice a day and my skin is to die for.

Glycerine is one of the most valuable substances in the world. Because of its outstanding moisturizing properties, glycerine is commonly used in skin care products. Glycerine can be found in products such as soap, lotion, toner, cleanser, face mask , sunscreen and moisturiser.

Glycerine makes skin look younger as it traps moisture in your skin and gives it a youthful, healthy glow. It also promotes an acne free skin leaving it moisturised.

I steam my face once a month with luke hot water once a month to help me deal with shaving bumps. After every shave I mask the area with my own home made mask, let it sit for about fifteen (15) minutes before I wash it off. I use face mask at least three times a week.

2. Take care of your nails.

Chipped nail polish is a total turn off. If you can't take care of your nails at least keep them natural and leave nail polish alone. I have options. What I do is keep my nails short and apply a clear nail polish to get that shine. I don't have cute nails so if I leave them to grow I keep them short and always clean underneath them. Tip: if you grow long nails and you can not keep up with cleaning underneath them apply a dark color underneath, it'll give you French manicure look.

3. Shape your eyebrows.

Shaped eyebrows are to die for, especially when done right. Perfect eyebrows gives a face a wake up even if not filled. For a natural look I use hair gel on my eyebrows to keep the shape intact at all times. The gel makes the eyebrows pop up.

4. Take care of your hair.

Wash your hair each week to remove clogged hair products. If you leave products on your hair for longer your hair will start to smell. Brush your hair every morning and at night before bed. Do not keep a hairstyle for close to a moth. Do not repeat a hairstyle at an instant. Moisture your hair enough to shine and not too much to drip. I use avocado once a month on my hair just to keep it strong and give it a shine.

Avocados are a great source of biotin, and adding this B-complex vitamin back into the diet may help hair to grow more healthily. Minerals in avocado oil, including potassium and magnesium, may seal cuticle cells, which can help hair look smooth and shiny and prevent it from breaking.

5. Take care of you.

Health and fitness claps twice at once. If you keep your body fit you won't run out of clothes since everything will always fit. And if you work on your health you won't get sick oftentimes allowing you more time to slay. I like cabbage, cabbage helps lose weight and pineapple helps tone the stomach. Cabbage and its relatives ( broccoli and cauliflower ) will help you stay fit and healthy. A cup of green tea in the morning and at night before bed will give you a healthy, glowing skin, keep your body fit and healthy. Go out for a walk or jog at least once a week. I go out for a run on Sundays because not many people are going to work meaning the traffic is less.

Drink water. I drink more of green tea.

6. Shop for your body and comfort.

When you go out shopping don't shop for attention or fashion. Fashion is not important what matters most is style. Wear what you're comfortable with yet your comfortability should be fit to take pictures at anytime. Long free skirts are perfect for every body shape and event, you can wear it with a tee shirt and sneakers for a casual look or wear it with a blouse and heels for the sissy look.

7. Be organized.

Iron your clothes. Always put on a clean and ironed clothes. A clean fit no matter how old or how out of fashion your items are if worn with confidence issa yes honey! When going out and you need to take a few things ( lipstick, money, tissues, hands lotion, etc) with you, put them in a bag and not your pockets. A black bag goes with every fit, get yourself one. Black jeans are a go to whenever you don't know what to wear. Tuck your tops when necessary and check if your tuck is still intact after a strong motion.

8. Take care of your odour.

Body odour has always been a struggle with me. I have learnt that a person's odour changes with season. I'm an engineer and I get to wear safety boots most often and we all are aware of the odour one gets from safety boots. I soak my feet with Epsom Salt every fortnight and it helps, I also wear clean socks at all times. I sometimes sprinkle baby powder in my shoes to avoid sweating.

I brush my teeth twice a day, early in the morning and at night before bed.

Get yourself a deodorizer, it doesn't have to be expensive or smell like flowers. Just smell nice and clean.

☀ Red lipstick is life.

☀ A tight centered ponytail will make you look younger.

☀ Stilletos uplift the mood as much as they uplift an outfit.

☀ I sprinkle baby powder inbetween my ass and around my private parts to avoid sweat since it creates odour. I don't have brest but you can sprinkle some in there too.

☀ When going out on a date always take your wallet with you and only order what you can afford at the time and let the guy pay the bill.

☀ Straw hats won't go out of fashion.

☀ A pair of sunglasses is a must have.

☀ Sneakers are white the rest are tekkies.

☀ If you are not sure about an outfit don't wear it.

☀ Only have sex when you want to, it'll make you feel not used..

☀ Natural hair is the crown.

☀ If it tights you that you can't breathe you look beautiful and congratulations for getting in there.

☀ Eyelash extentions looks natural with spaces inbetween.

☀ Spirit prevents your head from itching and dandruff.

☀ I smoke weed when sad.

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