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How to get a free haircut

The cost of living has gotten so high that getting something as simple as a haircut these days costs an arm and a leg. Once upon a time one could easily use change to get a haircut now the pocket feels it ,haircuts range from R100 to about R400 in barbershops.

A man on twitter has a solution on how to get a free haircut and save cash.

This man named Micheal posted a flyer with his number on that read:"Haircuts are becoming increasingly expensive, if you are interested in potentially getting a free haircut text the number below to find out more about this amazing opportunity Micheal".

A man eager for a free haircut texted Micheal with regards to this. He thought that the person who posted that was probably a hairdresser or atleast knew a hairdresser who was willing to cut people's hair for the whooping price of nothing. So he just thought that it would be a walk In the park ,well technically a walk into the barbershop and out. 

This wasn't the case because this free haircut comes with conditions ,not to harsh conditions though they're just time consuming and risky. Micheal told the man that they should meet at the barber shop on Barack street in exactly 3 weeks from that day. Micheal told the aforementioned man that when they get to the barber shop he is going to get his haircut first. The other man has to be attentive so that as soon as Micheal stands up and is about to fake pay for his haircut ,he must get up and act as if Micheal is an old friend and offer to pay for him.

Micheal will then go out , wear a disguise ,walk back into the salon and rejoin the line.He will wait for his new haircut friend to finish getting his haircut and act out the very same piece of fake paying.They would then repeat the very same process over and over again with the hope the barber will eventually lose count and forget to charge them for their original haircuts.

When the guy said that he was not interested in his stupid plan Michael suggested that they just cut each other's hair instead using scissors. This has got to be waste a strangers time 101!,but atleast the second option sounds more like a free haircut than the first.

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