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Xhosa Or Ndebele? Which Tribe Has the Most Beautiful Attire? See photos


There are so many different cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs represented in South Africa, the country's traditional clothing has taken on many different forms. African societies, for example, use clothing to indicate a particular identity and social status. We'll look at South Africa's diverse traditional outfits right here. But in this article we’ll only look at two tribes which is Xhosa and Ndebele.


The Xhosa people have a distinctive attire based on social status, with elaborate beading and colorful prints. Women's apparels have long served as a visual representation of a woman's life journey. 

Long skirts and scarves in lovely patterned or stitched fabrics are the mainstays of their wardrobe. Braided wristbands and anklets, as well as elegant neckpieces called ithumbu, are popular decorations. Wives traditionally wear an iqhiya, or headscarf. Beaded robes or blankets wrapped around the arms complete the look. 

Traditional clothing worn by Xhosa males included animal skins since they played multiple jobs such as warrior, woodsman, and stockman. An embellished skirt and a flat fabric draped over the left shoulder are donned on important events, or a tunic and several beaded pendants are worn together as a single ensemble on others. 


The Ndebele people are well-known for their beautiful beading and geometrically painted houses. The apron is a key part of Ndebele women's clothing. Small decorated aprons are worn by girls, while middle aged women wear isigolwani, a thick belt made of beaded hoops that is provided to them by their moms, as well as isiphephetu, a decorated apron. 

Engaged girls wear skirts that are longer and ornamented with geometric patterns made of dried leather. Isigolwani and metal rings known as idzilla are also worn around their necks, ankles, and arms by the Igolwani people. Originally, teenagers and single women do not hide their lady parts, while wives do so with colorfully striped or beaded shawls. 

A traditional Ndebele men's outfit includes animal hide aprons, beaded shoulder pads, and an iporiyana (a neck ornament). The iporiyana is handed to a teenager by his uncle as a symbol of adulthood after he has gone through initiation. In addition to the cape, they wear headbands and ankle bands made of animal hide.

Now be the judge, which tribe has the most beautiful attire?? Leave your comments below.

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