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Look What A Tastic Rice Bag Made - Creativity At its Best

It is amazing what Tastic rice bag has been used to make in the above picture. It is reported that this fashionable clothing design made of Tastic rice bag has been designed by Alexandra McQueen.

The clothing design skills used to make this piece of plastic clothing is commendable. With no doubt, this is creative. It is not made clear if McQueen is a clothing designer or just a creative person who has talent and skills of designing clothes. However, Kamo Marven who posted this also posted that if there are any sponsors who are willing to sponsor them they may be in contact.

This is an amazing DIY that uses recyclable material that most people see no use of and throw away but McQueen was able to see before production the amazing piece that the plastic bag could make and eventually turned it into a clothing piece.

This piece shows what McQueen is capable of and what they can make with clothing materials.

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