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Is a hairstyle worth the pain and sleepless nights?

Most people when they go into a salon they already know the kind of hairstyle that they want to have whether they have seen it on tv, magazine, or social media.

The one problem that most people come across when they show the hairdresser what they want, the hairdresser does not tell them that they can not do the hairstyle or that the hair is small, instant they will try to attempt it.

When you have short hair or no hairline there are hairstyles that you can not plait because it means that your hair will be pulled too tired to a point that you can not keep your heard straight I am not talking about sleeping.

The pulled hair will make it difficult to sleep, bringing out pimples from your head the sad part is that your Highline will come when I came across these pictures I felt that the hairstyle was forced.

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