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Top 6 Most Beautiful Braided Hairstyle for Children this Coming Christmas


Children's braided hairstyles aren't just adorable, they're also enjoyable and easy to maintain. There is no end to the number of ways you may express your child's individuality through clothing and design. As a side note, adding braids to a classic hairstyle like a ponytail or bun can give it a modern and new look. As an added bonus, braiding helps to keep your child's hair from tangling and is also a protective style for Afro-textured hair. Whether you've never braided before or are a seasoned pro, these looks are sure to give you some ideas for the next time you style your child's hair. 

1. Two Side Braids.

Two-side braids, also known as double braids or pigtail braids, are a basic and classic hairstyle that can be achieved in a matter of minutes. There's no better way to style long hair than two side braids if you're pressed for time and want to go beyond the usual ponytail. It doesn't matter how you style them, these braids are a terrific choice for school or sports, and they'll always look good. 

2. Beaded Cornrows 

A quirky hair accessory is a great way for children to express their individuality. Adding beads to your child's cornrow braids is a terrific way to make them stand out, especially if they are a fan of bright colors or rainbows. Classic front-to-back cornrows aren't just fashionable; they're also practical. In order to make it easier for you to learn how to do it, they first follow a basic braiding pattern. They are also a protective style for Afro-textured hair and may be left in for up to two weeks, which will save you time in the morning when you have to get your child's hair ready. 

3. Braided Updo 

A braided updo is a fantastic alternative for your child to wear to church or a wedding. With the addition of a hairband or flowers, these haircuts take on an old-school, retro vibe in photographs. A braided updo also keeps your child's hair out of their eyes and away from their face. A simple technique to achieve this look is to plait their hair into two braids and pin them into an updo. 

4. Braided Top Bun with Natural Hair 

What if you're torn between braiding your child's hair and allowing them to show off their natural curls? Combine natural hair with a braided top bun to give them the best of both worlds. Braided buns are always a hit, and this one is no exception. In the meantime, the looseness of the other sections makes this an extremely kid-friendly and relaxed hairdo. Adding interesting barrettes or beads to the braided and unbraided parts will give it an added dose of personality. 

5. Braided Side Bun 

Adding a braided side bun to your braided updo can give it a fresh look. Even though it's simple to do (you just need to make one braid), this hairstyle is unique and has a charming yet eccentric feel that your young one will love. Create a three-strand plait by brushing their hair smooth and making a deep side part. Finally, use bobby pins to tie the plait in a bun. It's a great choice for school photographs, birthday parties, or family dinners because it's quick and uncomplicated. 

6. Braided Side Buns with Cornrows 

Braided side buns-with-cornrows are the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion, such as a wedding or christening. Buns are a great way to keep a girl's hair in place while also making her images seem adorable. Cornrowing may cause harm to your child's hair if he or she has straight hair rather than Afro-textured hair. Try mini Dutch braids and don't leave them in for more than a day. Alternatively,

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Two Side Braids


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