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6 Ways to tighten your postpartum Belly

1) Drink up

the body is greatly affected by how much water you are drinking. In order to effectively flush out unwanted fluids, it needs fresh fluids. Without water your body hold onto more bloat

2) Apply lotion

This will help soften the skin, improve its elasticity you avoid more stretch marks as your skin recedes. It will also help with circulation

3) wear a postpartum girdle

After my C-section a hight quality postpartum girdle was so important. It saves me from so much back pain and from feeling like my guy was going to fall out

4) Massage you Belly

once you are further along in the recovery process, you can start massage. This is different than just putting lotion on your skin. This is done with more strategy and more pressure

5)Begin walking as soon as possible

walking uses muscles and its a great way to get started with exercise before strength training

6) Breastfeeding

now I know that not all new mothers will be super successful breastfeeding, but if you can, do it! Milk production will help you burn calories

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