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OPINION: Ndebele traditional attire remains the best right now like or not

Ndebele traditional attire is beautiful


Sources: Ntando Mahlangu Twitter page

Ntando Mahlangu is one of the influential and motivators who is from KwaNdebele in Mpumalanga. Ntando is a very proud man of his culture and he proudly wears traditional attire each and every day wherever he goes. He inspire many people of different cultures to be proud of who they are and where they come from and as well as to represent their beautiful background of roots. Ndebele people are also proud of him to take his time and energy to live out proudly and teach people about the Ndebele culture.

Ndebele culture is origin from Zimbabwe in early years ago. Many Ndebele people are originally born in South Africa. Ndebele people are known for their beautiful drawings around the walls and cars even shoes. Ndebele tradition is very colorful, you can wear a Ndebele attire with anything and it will still stands out of the crowd. Many Ndebele people do their traditional clothes by hands and that is the real talent right there. These days when people wear their traditional clothes they also add a little bit of Ndebele accessories to add more attraction to their attire.

Ntando Mahlangu is doing a great job of being an influencer in his tradition and teach people how to speak his language as well. Ndebele language is a little bit similar to Zulu with few words but it differs very much when it comes to writing. Ntando Mahlangu has difficulties in the past for wearing traditional clothes every day but that did not stop him to be influential it actually motivated him to do more and teach people more about the importance of tradition of where you come from. South Africa is a rainbow nation therefore everyone is allowed of freedom of expression and be happy.

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Ndebele Ntando Mahlangu


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