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African Women Enjoying Plastic Surgery |The Booming Booty Industry

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Plastic surgery has been around for longer than people expect. As far back as the medieval era, surgeons in India were performing rhinoplasty and other body modifications. However, it's hardly accepted among some large sectors of society, with views about plastic surgery being harsh and judgemental.

While many dislike plastic surgery and speak ill of this body enhancement procedure, I have noticed that plastic surgery is a booming industry in Africa. People have always been secretive about their plastic surgery procedures, but some popular black women are proud to proclaim their enhancements.

There is a serious need to start acknowledging plastic surgery on the bodies of black women, and still give them the same respect and compliments. It is not an insult to point out plastic surgery, in my opinion, it's a reality we all know about.

YouTube vlogger and Nigerian social butterfly, Toke Makinwa says that her body sculpting and lip filler treatments were definitely not a regret. "I had a lip filler because I wanted to launch my lipstick brand but now I don’t think it is necessary. I do not regret enhancing my body because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I wanted to look curvy and I love it,” she told PM News Nigeria.

The girl is clearly enjoying her created body, so this was definitely a plus! Everyone deserves to feel the way they want to feel, despite the controversy and unnecessary comments that people like Toke receive.

Big Brother Naija star is another big media personality known for her altered looks. Legit News reported that Mercy wanted women to be free to do whatever they want with their bodies. She leads by example because she is constantly hampered with rumours about going under the knife but she doesn't let the teasing get to her.

Once again, we see a young lady enjoying her looks in a fashionable, beautiful way. She is a fan of embellishments, sequins and glitter and it suits her well!

W aalso have some Mzansi ladies who have been very vocal about their looks, most notably Khanyi Mbau and Real Housewives of Johannesburg mom and daughter duo, Evodia and Mercy Mogoase. Mercy revealed on show that she was bullied in school for her large nose and plump body. We can see that her modifications have given her the inspiration to be a fitness entrepreneur.

In 2020, Khanyi Mbau reportedly forked out R95 000 on "a waist reduction procedure, liposuction and some work on her breasts" according to TimesLive. Khanyi said she had this experience recorded for her reality show, "to educate people about the pros and cons". She also hopes to create her own show like Botched for South African audiences. So we can see that Khanyi wants to share her knowledge, not just look pretty all the time.

The admirable thing about these African ladies is the fact that they are hard workers and they don't obsess over their plastic surgery. They look good and keep it moving!

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