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The First Trans Woman To Openly Enter Miss South Africa Lehlogonolo Machaba Has Once Again Made It

The first trans woman to openly enter Miss South Africa Lehlogonolo Machaba has once again made it to Top 30, it is clear that there is a change of things in the country that are seriously going to deserve a lot of introspection. Because the some women who feel like this is definitely not fair that they have to be going through such things, where they share they are accolades with men who have changed their gender.

Lehlogonolo is returning for a second shot at the title, many people is seriously concerned about this incident and they wonder if this is exactly what women meant when they said that they want things to be 50/50 percent between men and women.

Because it seems like it is proving to be unfair for a lot of these women to even have to go through such things, but of course everyone is under the impression that they simply were fighting for men and women to be treated equally.

We cannot just simply overlook of forget that women want equality in our Society, but there are others who have gotten to social media to complain that men shouldn't be contesting in such things because transgender people deserve a completely different Sport for them if it is going to be transgender that is Incorporated.

Lehlogonolo made history as the first transgender woman to make the Miss South African top 30, this is something that has become a concern in the whole world because you can find transgender women who are very strong compared to their female counterparts and whenever they compete in the icebox they completely destroy them.

Sadly, the LGBTQI+ activist and model lost out on a top 10 spot, but she is back and ready for another shot at the crown. Transgender means that she was identified as a man at birth and could have possibly underwent surgery to become a woman and is taking the necessary hormones accordingly, but they cannot give birth to children and that is what we know about transgender people science has not been able to get transgender women to give birth.

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