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Dark Lipstick Colours That Looks Stunning On Black Women

Lipstick, like eyebrows, is a crucial aspect of your facial make-up.

Makeup should be kept to a bare minimum.

A dark lip looks great with a natural and subtle finish on the rest of the face, giving the lip the spotlight it deserves. Use foundation and concealer to even out your skin tone. Apply a few layers of mascara on your lashes and sweep neutral colours across the eye area. Makeup should be kept to a bare minimum.

 For darker skin tones, believe it or not, anything from dark browns to dark berries, plums, and reds goes well with our complexions. Dark, strong lipsticks work well on all skin tones, so fairer complexions aren't left out.

Dark lip colors also go with a wide range of fashion looks. "You don't have to be concerned about whether it will go with your business or evening wear. You can have that gorgeous lip you've always adored.

 Before applying a dark lip color, make sure your lips are thoroughly moisturized with a nutritious lip balm. Always apply a lip liner before applying lipstick to keep the color in place. "

Dos and Don'ts When It Comes to Wearing Dark Lipstick:


Keep the remainder of your ensemble understated.

Make sure you don't come across like a vampire.


sure your lip color doesn't fade.

Retouch frequently, especially with creamy textures that fade quickly.

Your teeth will be stained. Always check to see whether your lipstick has stained your lips.



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