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My Hair Is so Thick and Heavy, it gives me headaches - Young Lady reveals on social media

Aside from when it needs a wash or a trim, hair isn't always something many of us give much thought to.

However, one woman has caused a stir online after sharing how her luscious locks actually give her headaches - especially when she wears it up, as the weight of it is too much for her.

A lady by name Devlola has raised curiosity amongst so many individuals on social media after she revealed that her hair is so thick and heavy. According to her, her hair is thick and heavy to the point that it causes her headache. The photo you can see below is the photo of the young lady in question.

In a video on tiktok, the lady trimmed off her hair to prove what she said earlier as some people expressed their doubts. The lady has cut of almost half of her hair but she still feels the weight coming off her hair. The video she posted on Tiktok of herself trimming off her hair has been viewed over 42 million times.

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