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Meet Mursi Women With Lovely Lip Plates Only Removed When Husband Dies Or Beauty Declines

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Omo Valley, Ethiopia's remotest location, is where they dwell now. These people belong to a small group of nomadic people who maintain their cultural identity by dressing in traditional clothing and jewelry.Women of the Mursi ethnic group use wooden lip plates as a symbol of their own unique attractiveness.

Discovering Ethiopia's Mursi Tribe - Somak Luxury Travel

In many cultures, the lower lip of a girl is slit (typically by her mother) and held open with a sodden plug until it heals. This decision is up to the females themselves. Painful surgery can take months to complete.

Unmarried girls and newlyweds are more likely to wear lip plates than married women with children. Weddings and other important ceremonies are among the many occasions in which they are commonly worn by women. The Epicure and Culture of Mursi Women: Clay Plates

Women, particularly those with large labrets, may wear them in public if they are unmarried. Her lip should be completely healed before a man is allowed to sleep with his girlfriend or wife. However, modern men are increasingly having sex with their lovers before even being engaged. Dr Prem Travel & Tourism Guide, Consultancy & Magazine: Why Mursi Women Put Plate on Lips

It's possible to see the lip plate in a number of ways. As a starting point, it's an excellent symbol. As a second benefit, it demonstrates a wife's devotion to her husband by being worn with pride throughout mealtimes. When a husband dies, the lip plate is removed since it is believed that a woman's external beauty diminishes after his death. The plate completes the visual representation of Mursi's persona. Without it, they run the risk of being mistaken.


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