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Here's how you should style your hair this xmas in order to look good

Many women disregard their hair because they believe it is unimportant, but this is not the case. You will never seem gorgeous until you have a very appealing and stunning hairstyle. Keep in mind that your hair is a source of pride for you, so treat it as such.

If you truly want to look fantastic this Christmas, I'll show you three significant ways to style your hair:

1. Braiding; You can braid your hair with either an attachment or weavon, but you must pack it very carefully. There are three methods for packing hair:

- Raise the hair and secure it with a decorative clip.

- cut the hair into two equal halves;

- Don't pack it; simply stretch it out on your back.

2. You have the option of cutting your hair. This is primarily for women who do not have the funds to purchase.

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