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Before you bleach your skin, see why this man is promising never to bleach his skin again

Before you bleach your skin, see why this man is promising never to bleach his skin again

While you're here, please follow me.

For decades, dark-skinned people were made to feel like there is something wrong with them. It is in that order that a lot of dark-skinned people strived to lightness and started using harsh creams to get them to look lighter. Unfortunately, there is very little said about the effects of skin lightening and people have had to learn the hard way along with the years.

Skin lightening is a disease for both men and women, but women mostly. A bold young man, Snethemba, admitted to using skin lightening products on Twitter today. He posted two of his pictures, one showing him light-skinned due to the products, and another showing his skin breaking out and scarring. He captioned the post, "I will never bleach myself again".

This post is important in that it shows that if you try to scrape your true self off, the damage that the skin lightening products cause to your skin is not worth it. Right now, his skin looks like it was burnt and scratched all at once.

As much as many might take his post as a good lesson on why it's important to love yourself as you are, it also raises questions on why people feel desperate to be light-skinned. Why can't dark-skinned people exist without having to convince themselves that there's nothing wrong with them? He could say that the choice to lighten his skin was personal but he got so used to associating beauty with lightness that he felt the need to conform to the societal norms.

Yooh dude, soo sorry man. Hope you heal and your skin gets to be restored @Wolf_Luna28

If you don't mind me asking, why did you bleach your skin? What was the underlying motivation behind this entire exercise? I understand that the overall goal is to lighten the skin so why exactly is it that you wanna look light in complexion? @EdibleBloke


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