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Here Is How Much Willard Katsande’s Gucci T-Shirt Costs

This Is How Much Willard Katsande’s T-Shirt Costs

Date: 2021/10/11

Katsande just recently bought himself a T-shirt that costs R3400 in cash at the Gucci store, he is the kind of player that spends a lot of money on high-end fashion, and people believe that he will go broke quickly as he is getting close to his retirement age and also Marumo Galants does not pay that much compared to what he used to get at chiefs.

People should get out of Katsande’s Pockets if he goes broke that is on him and not us, also he is a grown man that knows what he is doing so people should judge him less because he has been through a lot of training at chiefs and not it is his time to do what he wants to do.

Willard is an experienced guy who has been a lot in his life, if buying expensive clothes makes him feel whole people should let him be, they should know that he is a man at the end of the day. The Gucci shirt is like ice to his to all the pain he has suffered in his life and the anger he possesses as it was once reported that most soccer players carry their shame and anger with them when they walk on the pitch.

Katsande is from Zimbabwe and he has managed to get himself some nice things in his life, he owns two SUV cars, he also became one of the richest guys to come out of that country, he managed to convince coaches that he has become one of the best defensive middle fielders the nation has ever seen, his work rate is one that confused a lot of attackers as he is a good professional fouler when he can smell danger but he was finished just as soon as Kaizer Chiefs started losing games back to back, they cut him first, that is how ruthless the sport is. 


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