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Skin Bleaching Is Allegedly Ruining Khanyi Mbau's Face, Here's What She Looks Like

Skin bleaching has become very popular in the African community since beauty standards have become something that many people are focused on and also because they feel the pressure to look and be treated like how their counterparts are treated.

For many years, society has convinced people who are of darker shades that they are not as beautiful as people who are of lighter shades, and even in the media, people are praised more for their looks and their complexion. In addition, in society, people who are lighter-skinned are also treated better and they are a favourite amongst groups. Because

some people see how people are treated differently according to their skin shirts, especially in the black community, they feel pressured to change their complexion in order to achieve the kind of beauty that society appraises. So many people have become victims of skin bleaching, as well as well-known celebrities events here in South Africa.

Khanyi Mbau is one such celebrity who bleached her entire body, transforming herself from a brown-skinned woman to a very light-skinned woman.Khanyi Mbau is well known as someone who has also stated before that she wants to achieve a certain look and she is getting closer to achieving the look that she thinks is beautiful and that she is comfortable with. She is also very open about her skin bleaching journey and the products that she uses in order to make her skin lighter and ensure that it does not go back to its natural state every time because it still can.

Because of how much she has been using the skin bleaching products, it seems like the after effects of them are coming to play and her skin is no longer the same, especially her face. Mzansi was left shocked when they noticed something different about her face and some people claim that it could allegedly be caused by the skin products that she is using.

Research has shown that skin bleaching can be very damaging to the skin. Even though it provides people with the necessary results after a long period of time, it does damage your skin, so it is important to be comfortable and love the skin that you are in. No shade is uglier than the other.

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