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The Best Way To Shape Your Body At Your Own Pace

The human body is a very complex machine which often needs to be maintained so that it keeps running its peak. Our women are our joy and pride and we know that they love to look their best. There are many ways to shape your body, but we are all different and we have to all go at our own pace. The aim is to reach the your ultimate goal, now let's hit the gym. Start by stretching your muscles and becoming one with the workout. This is to ensure that your body is ready for when you start with the big stuff. Then move on to the weights that you can handle, The weight that you can handle depends on how much you can lift. If you can lift 20 in one set then you know that you can handle the weight. Then we can move on to the treadmill and do 7 kilometers to Tzaneen and back. You need to take a break in between the journey, after the break have a light meal to balance of your energy usage. Then we can move on to the skipping rope, you can start where you're comfortable but the end goal is for you to reach 100 skips. When you've reached 100 skips you will know that you are close to reaching your peak fitness goal. Do not use the mirror until you can complete 100 skips in a set, you will have to wait for your reward. I promise you that you will be the best version of yourself on the day that you look at yourself in the mirror.

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